Lesson Objectives: Students will learn about value and Cezanne’s style of painting (with short and wide strokes).

Time Required: 1 hour (if students don’t finish, they may do the final step at the next session: should take only a few minutes)

Artist: Cezanne, Small Forest (available online)


Presentation: Discuss what value is. Discuss how to make different values within one color using white and black paints. Discuss how Cezanne painted with short, wide strokes.

Materials (Session 1):

White construction paper  9×12

Tempera paints: green or orange, black and white


Paint palettes


Dixie cups for water

Paper towels

Dark brown, light brown, and beige/tan paper cut into rectangular strips

Glue sticks


Procedure, Session 1:

  1. Hand out the paper and have the children write their names on the back. Orient the paper in the horizontal direction.
  2. Divide the paper into 4 sections using zigzag lines. Each section will be painted a different value.
  3. Each student may choose either green or orange paint.
  4. Pass out palettes with 4 blobs of the chosen paint:

a)     One blob has a small dash of white paint  High Value

b)    One blob stays the original color

c)     One blob has a small dash of black paint

d)    One blob has a large dash of black paint    Low Value

  1. Mix the orange and white blob of paint together with a Q-tip and paint across the top of the page in the zigzag section using Cezanne’s short, wide strokes.
  2. Do the same with the original color, painting in the 2nd section from the top.
  3. Continue on with all 4 values in all 4 sections from high value to low value, making sure no white shows between the sections.
  4. Create 3 value trees: cut the dark brown paper to desired length to make a tree trunk and branches. Layer on light brown and beige paper.

Procedure, Session 2 (if needed):

1. Glue value trees onto dried backgound.