Lesson Objectives: Students will become familiar with Pablo Picasso’s style of cubism. They will recognize the use of shapes in this piece, and create their own college using mixed paper and tissues.

Time Required:            1 hour

Artist:  Pablo Picasso, The Three Musicians



Black 9×12 construction paper

Glue and glue sticks

Black Sharpies

Pre-cut shapes on bright colored paper

Pre-cut shapes in tissue and newspaper

(For pre-cut shapes, check Paper Pieces bin in Explore Art room.)


Discuss the artist Pablo Picasso and The Three Musicians. Discuss cubism and how it relates to shape. (Cubism is when the artist breaks pictures into geometric shapes, usually cubes and squares. Music is a common theme in cubism. The style also uses repeats of the same color,  shapes at sharp angles, and overlaps shapes to create new shapes. Things look flat in this style). Show them the pictures of instruments and discuss the shapes that are found in them. How many instruments can you find in the print?


  1. Hand out black paper and have the kids write their name on the back with white crayon.
  2.  Hand out a bunch of shapes, both paper and tissue paper, of all different sizes. Let each table group also have a few pictures of different instruments so they can see the shapes they are made up of up close.
  3. Have them use shapes to create 3 different figures, making sure they use only four different colors: no more no less.
  4. Fill the whole page having the musicians play their instruments and including one shape pre-cut from newspaper.
  5. After they arrange their shapes have them show you. Demonstrate how one shape can over lap another to create more than one figure.  Then have the kids glue down one shape at a time, making sure they leave the unglued pieces in place (not dumping them out and restarting).
  6. Hand out black sharpies and add a few lines and dots for a little detail.