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Lesson Objectives: Children will learn warm vs. cool colors, line and texture.

Time Required: 2 one-hour lessons

Artist & Print: Wassily Kandinsky Circles, but also goggled rainy day umbrella art, lots of art from Seattle

Source: Copy of Circles print is in the EA room


Materials (Day 1):

– Watercolor paper

-blue tape

-art boards in the EA room

-tempera paint bright colors

-dark blue, dark purple and black watercolor paint



-White construction paper (long piece for each student)

-templates cut out for children to trace 

Materials (Day 2):


Button (optional for the umbrella) 


            Talk about the color wheel with warm and cool colors, complementary colors for their umbrella colors. Talk about how colors in art can make you feel.

Procedure, Session 1:

            1. Before you come in the classroom tape down watercolor paper to boards. It makes it easier for the child to paint


            2. Have the children paint a coat of water on the watercolor paper. Next, while the paper is still wet, start adding color to the paper to create a stormy sky. Have the children use black, blue and/or purple watercolor paint. The children should dilute the color with water to create a nice wash and stormy sky. The paper should be painted on the entire paper.  You want variation in your color so some areas have more gray (diluted black) or blue than others, to create that stormy day look. When done have the children splatter water with the splatter toothbrushes or squirt water on the paper to create a rainy look. You can also blot with Kleenex to create clouds or splash on some salt to give a raining effect. Many things you can do.


            3. When the watercolor paper is done put aside or on a drying rack and work on your person and umbrella. Pass out the white construction paper and tempera paint. Using the template the children trace out their umbrella, raincoat and boots. I used black construction paper for the umbrella’s handle and skin tone construction paper for the hands and face. I also had the children add a dog with a leash if they wanted and some added a Space Needle.


            4. After all pieces are traced have them paint the piece with the tempera paint. No worries if they paint outside the lines. The pencil will can be seen through the paint.


            5. Lay all pieces on drying rack for the next art lesson.


Procedure, Session 2:


Button for umbrella optional

            1. Have the children cut out their pieces and glue them done on the dry watercolor paper.

            2. Glue button on umbrella and masterpiece is finished.