Lesson Objectives: Students will learn the colors of the rainbow.

Time required: 2 sessions: Day 1: 1 hour; Day 2: This won’t take very long. (This could be combined with another short lesson.)

Artist: Charles Lapicque, The Before Start

           Picture of a rainbow

Materials (Session 1):

White construction paper 9×12

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple tempera paint

Paper plates for paint


Drying rack

Materials (Session 2):

Black paper larger than 9×12

Glue sticks

White crayons to write their names on the back


There is a great song written by Greg Percy about the colors of the rainbow called Roy G. Biv. Download it from the computer. Discuss the color wheel.

Procedure for Day 1:

1. Hand out white paper and have the kids write their names on the back.

2. With red paint, make a big brush stroke across the whole page on the top.

3. With the orange paint, paint a brushstroke underneath and alongside the red, so no white is sowing between the stripes.

4. Continue on with yellow, green,  blue, and purple.

Procedure for Day 2:

  1. Have the kids write their names on the back of the black paper with a white crayon.
  2. Pass out the kids’ art work with the red strip on top. Have the kids rip their paper into vertical strips about 1-1 ½ inch wide.
  3. Give the kids the glue sticks and have them glue the strips down in order, but leaving some space in-between.