Lesson Objectives: Students will combine different shapes in a repeated pattern to make a quilt block.

Time Required:  1 hour

Artist:  Annie Bell Glenn Brooks, Economy Patch, Amish Quilt, Double Nine Patch

            Bring quilts from home to show

Websites: http://www.womenfolk.com/quilt_pattern_history/



Construction paper 12×12

Pre-cut squares


Glue sticks

Quilt pattern ( see below)


Discus quilts and their history. Discuss how different quilt patterns are put together. Are the patterns horizontal, vertical, or diagonal? Are the patterns made up of shapes or colors?


  1. BEFORE CLASS: Select a quilt pattern for the class to follow. Divide the 12×12 construction paper into number of squares needed with a pencil.
  2. Write names on back.
  3. Have students glue on the paper pieces in the pattern selected.
  4. Make sure they are following the pattern.
  5. You may add additional patterns to the squares with markers or crayons if desired.
  6. Display them all together to look like a quilt.

Quilt Patterns (or any other one you might like): 

  1. Shoo Fly (pictured above):

a)     Six 4×4 squares of one color (students will cut 2 in ½ along the diagonal for the triangles)

b)    Three 4×4 squares of a different color (students will cut 2 squares in ½ for the triangles)

c)     Students can add patterns to the squares too.

  1. Log Cabin

a)     Eight 6×1 inch strips of a dark color

b)    Eight 5×1 inch strips of a light color

c)     Eight 4×1 strips of a dark color

d)    Eight 3×1 strips of a light color

e)     Four 2×2 squares of white or a light color

f)     Can add patterns or pictures on the 2×2 square