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Welcome to Samantha Smith Elementary School’s Explore Art Program!

Explore Art
is a volunteer – based art program provided by the Samantha Smith PTSA to support our continued effort in encouraging students to develop their own creativity and divergent thinking.  The main focus of Explore Art is to introduce a variety of art concepts, mediums, and artists while providing an opportunity to learn through exploration. Our goal is to encourage students to discover their own interests and skills, while emphasizing that the process of learning art is valued over the end product.


Explore Art Mission Statement 

²    PTSA Explore Art Program connects art appreciation, art history, aesthetic awareness and creative abilities.

²    Commitment to integrating sequential lessons within each grade level that spiral through the school years and support the art curriculum of the LWSD.

²    As volunteers, introduce art awareness and spark an interest in all children.

²    As a community, art brings connectivity with the teachers, students, and parents.