Lesson Objectives:  Students demonstrate the ability to create patterns using a variety of shapes. Students will create an actual quilt block out of paper.

Time Required:      1 hour

Artist:  Annie Bell Glenn Brooks, Economy Patch,

            Amish Quilt, Double Nine Patch

            Bring in quilts from home to show


12”x12” white construction paper (1 per student)

4”x4” white construction paper squares (5 per student)

4”x4” dk blue construction paper squares (8 per student)


Glue Sticks

Snowflake/winter rubber stamps and dark blue stamp pad

Light and dark blue chalk pastels

Brayer and light blue stamp pad

Round stickers


Discuss quilts and their history. Discuss how different quilt patterns are put together. Are the patterns horizontal, vertical, or diagonal? Are the patterns made up of shapes or colors?


  1. This project is best run in stations with students rotating through each station to create the individual pieces for their quilt block. You will need a parent helper to run each station.
  2. Station #1 (Center Square of Quilt Block: Snowballs):  With 1 4”x4” white square per student, direct student to apply round stickers to the square. They can then roll an inked brayer over the entire piece of paper and stickers so that no white is showing. Have students wait approx 30 seconds before they can peel off the stickers (masking technique). The white underneath will show, making it look like snowballs.  They can glue their square in the center of the 12”x12” white background paper. Write the name on the back.
  3. Station #2 (Corner Squares of Quilt Block: Icicles):  With 2 4”x4” white squares, direct students to alternate stripes of light and dark blue chalk pastels. (Will be messy!).  Have students cut each square in half diagonally, creating 4 triangles.  With 4 4”x4” dark blue squares, have student glue on one triangle onto the corner of each dark blue square. They may place their 4 completed squares on their desk.
  4. Station #3 (Side Squares of Quilt Block: Snowflakes):  With 2 4”x4” white squares, have students stamp dark blue snowflakes on paper. Small prints all over the paper works best.  Have students cut paper in half lengthwise, creating 4 2”x4” paper strips.  With 4 4”x4” dark blue squares, have students glue each paper strip onto a blue square. They may place their 4 completed squares on their desk.
  5. When all students have finished rotating through the stations, pass out their 12”x12” background sheets with the center square already glued on.
  6. Show students where to glue their remaining squares, making a special point to show how the different pieces fit together to make the quilt block pattern.
  7. Display all the quilt blocks together as a complete quilt!