Lesson Objectives: Students will learn about space by overlapping sand dollars. 

Time Required:            1 hour

Artist:  Paul Cezanne, Still Life with Basket

Source: Dynamic Art Projects For Children, pages 77-80


Black or purple construction paper 9×12

Different pastel colored papers 9×12

Chalk pastels


Glue sticks

Elmer’s glue

Gold glitter or sand

Cardboard box to catch glitter or sand when shaking off the excess


Discuss the subject of creating the illusion of space by overlapping: space in art is the 2-dimensional representation of a 3-dimensional object. Demonstrate how to draw overlapping circles. Pass around actual sand dollars or show pictures of them.


  1. Hand out black paper and have them write their names in white crayon on the back.
  2. Using different colors of chalk, draw three or more bumpy circles with at least two overlapping. Also make some go off the paper making it look like the sand dollar is leaving or entering the space. Make sure the students draw the circles the same size as a real sand dollar.
  3. Fill in the circles with the sand dollar anatomy. Use lots of different colors to add lines and fill in the shapes with color.
  4. On a different piece of colored paper, draw 1 more sand dollar. Color it the same way as above, and then cut it out.
  5. Glue the sand dollar along an edge of the black paper so that part of it extends off the paper.
  6. With the Elmer’s glue, outline the circles and put dots of glue around to hold either sand or glitter in place.
  7. Dump on the glitter or sand, and shake off the excess into a cardboard box.