Lesson Objectives: Students will learn about form by making 3-dimensional lilies.

Time Required: 1 hour 

Artist: Georgia O’Keefe, White Trumpet Flower

Source: http://www2.crayola.com/lesson-plans/detail/long-stemmed-lilies-lesson-plan/


White construction paper 9×12

Crayola® Oil Pastels

Colored Pencils

No-Run School Glue

Pointed Tip Scissors

Construction Paper

Recycled newspaper

Hole punch

Chenille sticks


Discuss form: must have 3-dimensions. Show what lilies look like by looking in botanical references. Lilies have six-part flowers (three petals and three sepals colored alike), six stamens, and a pistil.


1. Pass out white construction paper. Using Crayola® Colored Pencils, draw a pattern of a 3-sided petal resembling a propeller. Cut it out with Crayola Scissors. Use this to trace more petals and sepals. Cut them out.

2. Cover your art area with recycled newspaper. Using Crayola Oil Pastels, lightly color the inner part of the petals/sepals. Punch holes in the center.

3. For each flower, draw six long thin strips for stamens and another strip for a pistil. Color them on both sides and cut them out. Slide them through the center hole of the flowers. Insert a long chenille stick through each flower center and bend the top to hold it securely.

4. Cut a paper cup in half lengthwise to make a flowerpot. Fit paper to cover the top of the cup. Use your imagination to decorate the flowerpot with colorful patterns. Attach the paper to the cup with Crayola School Glue. Air dry flat.

5. On a large paper, create a background for your flower scene. Glue your pot of lilies to the background. Air-dry flat before hanging to decorate or give as a gift.