Lesson Objectives: Teach students how to create linoleum printing blocks using lessons of line, space and color. 

Time Required: Two separate lessons, at least 60-90 minutes each.  First one is to make the design and cut the blocks.  Second lesson is for printing and painting the background.

Artist:  Gustav Klimt, Tree of Life

Materials (Day 1):

  • Linoleum printing supplies (see linoleum printing info)

Materials (Day 2):

  • Transparency sheets, 1-2 per student
  • Different colors of cut paper for making additional prints
  • Watercolor paper / watercolor paints
  • Could also use tissue paper and apply with glue/water mixture to regular paper.  
  • Brayers and ink 


Discuss Klimt’s “The Tree of Life” painting, lino printing technique, positive/negative space

Procedure, Session 1:

            1.         Students create their own interpretation of Klimt’s tree, drawing a sketch on scrap paper, then transferring design to lino block.  Carve block.           

Procedure, Session 2:

            1.         Students will practice in regular paper to make sure their print is how they want it and their printing technique is perfected. When ready, make 1-2 prints on transparency sheets.  


            2.         Students will create a background for their transparency print.  Two options: paint on watercolor paper, using the transparency to plan out the colors they want to show through (make sure transparency print is dry first).  Second option is to use a thin mixture of glue and water and apply pieces of tissue paper in blocks of color behind the transparency.