Lesson Objectives: Students will learn the concept of pattern while creating a jungle cat in the style of Henri Rousseau.

Time Required: 2 days: Day 1: 1 hour, Day 2, ½ hour

Artist:  Henri Rousseau, Tropical Thunderstorm with a Tiger 

Source: Dynamic Art Projects for Children, pages 93-97


White construction paper 12×18 (2 for each student)

Watercolor paints


Water and water cups

Paper towels

Template (optional: located in the 2nd grade Sample Book) 

Materials for Day 2:


Black Sharpies

Background construction paper 12×18 


Discuss the print. Where is the light coming from and why do you say that? Night or day? When you think of a jungle you think that it would be green, but is there just one color of a green? Discuss pattern. 

Procedure, Session 1:

  1. Hand out white paper. Have them take out their pencils and write their name on the back.
  2. Turn the paper horizontally. Guide the students in a step-by-step drawing of a lion. (Alternatively, use the templates for the students to trace, but there won’t be as much of the student’s personality in their final painting.)
  3. Add facial features and patterns using different shapes and lines inside the body.
  4. Using the 2nd piece of white paper and using the same lines and shapes as the lions, draw about ten different shapes of grasses, palms, flowers, vines, and trees. There can be a few repeating types.
  5. Hand out the watercolors, brushes, and cups of water with paper towels.
  6. Paint the jungle plants, remembering to rinse the brush in between colors.
  7. Paint the lion, leaving the eyes white. The rest of the lion can be any color..

Procedure for Day 2:

  1. Hand out the dry art work and have them use the sharpies to outline their pictures. Then cut everything out including the lion.
  2. Hand out the 12 x 18 background paper. Have them place their shapes on the paper so that they over lap, making sure the lion is in the middle.
  3. Hand out the glue sticks and have them glue down their shapes.