Lesson Objectives: Students will learn about texture and collage

Time Required:  2 sessions

Artist: David Hockney, Nichols Canyon (available online)


Source: Usborne Complete Book of Art Ideas, pgs 10-11

Materials (Day 1):

6×9 pieces of white construction paper

Tempera paints: brown, yellow, green, purple, red, blue

Texture tools

Materials (Day 2):

Painted papers

9×12 white construction paper


Glue sticks 

Presentation:    Discuss texture. Discuss landscapes and space: how things that are closer to you appear larger and things that are farther away appear smaller.

Procedure, Session 1:

  1. Organize stations & rotate students through them.
  2. At every station, have tempera paint and a different texture tool for the students to experiment with: back of a paintbrush handle to carve swirls on a blue piece of paper for the sky, brown paint mixed with fine sand for mountains, etc.
  3. Make sure students write their names on all their papers!

Procedure, Session 2:

  1. Pass out their textured papers and a piece of construction paper.
  2. Starting at the top and working down, cut pieces of paper to layer in a sky and hills.
  3. Cut out mountains, cacti, cactus flowers, a sun, and a snake.
  4. When they like their arrangement, glue everything down.