LESSON PRESENTATION INSTRUCTIONSCOLOR  MR. SEAHORSELesson Objectives: Students will learn about color from the iconic author/illustrator Eric Carle and his book Mr. Seahorse.Time Required: 1 session (or 2 if you want to add glitter. This small step can be easily combined with another lesson.)Artist:  Eric Carle, Mr. Seahorse (children’s book)Source: Deep Space SparkleWebsite: … [Read more...]


LESSON PRESENTATION INSTRUCTIONSCOLORROY G. BIVLesson Objectives: Students will learn the colors of the rainbow.Time required: 2 sessions: Day 1: 1 hour; Day 2: This won’t take very long. (This could be combined with another short lesson.)Artist: Charles Lapicque, The Before Start           Picture of a rainbowMaterials (Session 1):White construction paper 9x12Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and … [Read more...]


LESSON PRESENTATION INSTRUCTIONSCOLOR BLOTTER BUGSLesson Objectives:  Students use organic shapes created by blotting paints together to create a bug collage while experiencing the result of mixing two primary colors together.Time Required:    2 DaysArtist: Junpei Sekino, The Mandelbot, Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh,White Rabbit’s Color Book by Alan BakerMaterials, Session 1:Tempera Paint: Red, … [Read more...]