LESSON PRESENTATION INSTRUCTIONSTEXTUREGREAT HORNED OWLLesson Objectives: Students will create a wall hanging of a great horned owl with clay.Students experience the difference between implied and actual texture by adding texture to a basic slab of clay to transform a flat plane into a dimensional piece. Artist: Felip Archuleta, Porcupine Time Required:      Two sessions, 1 hour each Materials … [Read more...]


 LESSON PATTERN INSTRUCTIONSTEXTUREDESERT LANDSCAPELesson Objectives: Students will learn about texture and collageTime Required:  2 sessionsArtist: David Hockney, Nichols Canyon (available online) Source: Usborne Complete Book of Art Ideas, pgs 10-11Materials (Day 1):6x9 pieces of white construction paperTempera paints: brown, yellow, green, purple, red, blueTexture toolsMaterials (Day 2):Painted … [Read more...]


 LESSON PATTERN INSTRUCTIONSTEXTURE  BLACK FOIL REPOUSSELesson Objectives:  To learn how artists use texture in art.  To introduce the students to the art of Repousse.Time Required:  1 hourArtist: Teach the students about the art form of Repousse and how it has been used over the centuries and by the many cultures that have used it.    Website: There is a lot of information on line on techniques … [Read more...]