LESSON PRESENTATION INSTRUCTIONSFORM CLAY SUNSHINESLesson Objectives: To create a sunshine wall hanging with a face from a slab of clay using scoring and hand building techniques.Artist & Print: Paul Gaugin, Head with Horns  Time Required: 2 sessions  Materials (Day 1):ClayPaper bag or cardboard placematsPaper platesWater cups with a small amount of waterCarving toolsTexturizing tools … [Read more...]


 LESSON PATTERN INSTRUCTIONSFORMQUILLED SNOWFLAKESLesson Objectives: Students will learn about form by making a design using a paper quilling technique.Time Required: 1 SessionArtist & Print: Jen Stark, TrinityWebsite: Materials:Small pieces of scratch paperSheets of blue construction paperWhite paper cut into thin strips (use a shredder!)Toothpicks (one per child for … [Read more...]


LESSON PRESENTATION INSTRUCTIONSFORMPINCH POT FISH OR MONSTERSLesson Objectives: Students create a fun fish while practicing a variety of hand building techniques.  Students exhibit an understanding of hand building techniques and vocabulary such as:  pinch pot, coil, add-on, join, score, slip.Time Required:      Two sessions, 1 hour eachArtist: Pablo Picasso, Baboon and Young Materials (Day 1):   … [Read more...]


LESSON PRESENTATION INSTRUCTIONSFORM BIRD IN NESTLesson Objectives: Students will use various method to make a bird in a nest. Students prefect their pinch pot and hand building techniques. Form is recognized when 3 dimensions are present (height, width, and depth).Time Required: 2 sessionsArtist: Elizabeth Catlett, TiredMaterials (Day 1):ClayPaper bag or cardboard placematsWaterCarving … [Read more...]


LESSON PRESENTATION INSTRUCTIONSFORM GARDEN STAKESLesson Objectives: Students will make a clay garden stake using the slab and scoring techniques.Time Required:  2 sessionsArtist: Elizabeth Catlett, TiredMaterials:ClayMiscellaneous tools from clay cupboardWater cups36” x 3/8” oak dowels from Home Depot, cut in half at home with a saw.  (The oak dowels are best- they’re stronger and will last … [Read more...]


LESSON PRESENTATION INSTRUCTIONSFORMPINCH POT ANIMALS Lesson Objectives:  Students will create an animal out of clay by forming two pinch pots and joining them together. Form is recognized when all three dimensions are present (length, width, and height).Time Required:      2 SessionsArtist: Pablo Picasso, Baboon and Young Materials (Session 1):ClayBrown paper bag or cardboard placematsClay … [Read more...]


LESSON PRESENTATION INSTRUCTIONSFORM PLASTER MASKSLesson Objectives:  Students will understand the importance and relevance of masks in African culture.  An understanding of form as it relates to sculpture is demonstrated.Students will create and design a three dimensional mask using their own face as a model.Artist: African, Nigeria, Yoruba Peoples, George Segal, Dancers (available online) Time … [Read more...]