LESSON PATTERN INSTRUCTIONSCOLOR Lesson Objectives: To learn about Georgia O’Keeffe and her famous flower paintings and to learn how to use watercolors to build up layers of color for richness.Time Required: 1 hourArtist & Print: Georgia O’Keeffe, Yellow Cactus, Oriental Poppies, any of her flower paintingsMaterials:Watercolor paperWatercolor paintsWatercolor pencilsPaintbrushesWaterPaper … [Read more...]


 LESSON PATTERN INSTRUCTIONSCOLOR  INKY BEETLESLesson Objectives: Students will learn about color while creating a mixed media beetle.Time Required:  1 sessionArtist: Wassily Kandinsky, Blue MountainSource: Usborne Complete Book of Art Ideas, pg 272-273Materials:White construction paperInkPaintbrushesChalk pastelsMetallic pens (optional)Wet OnesNote: Before class, decide how many inky beetles … [Read more...]


 LESSON PATTERN INSTRUCTIONSCOLORMAGIC SQUARES Lesson Objectives: Students will learn about color and the controlled use of watercolor.Time Required:  1 sessionArtist:  Paul Klee, Once Emerged From the Gray of Night, 1918 (available online) Source: paper taped to cardboard and divided into 1-inch squares(consider cutting down the size of … [Read more...]


 LESSON PATTERN INSTRUCTIONSCOLOR BLAZING BANYAN TREELesson Objectives: Students will learn about color while creating an intertwining banyan tree.Time Required:  2 sessions Artist: Ricardo Ruiz, El Corrido del Mocho Eugenio, Mathis, TexasSource: Dynamic Art Projects for Children, pgs 38-40Materials (Day 1):White construction paper 12x18Black tempera paintPaintbrushesMaterials (Day 2):Oil … [Read more...]