LESSON PATTERN INSTRUCTIONSVALUE and PERSPECTIVE OPTICAL ART: WAVY LINES Lesson Objectives: To introduce the children to the art form of Optical Art and how artists use value and line to trick the eye.Time Required: 1 hourArtist: Victory Vasarely, Vega-Nor, 1969  Materials:Square White paperPencilRulerColored Pencils or Crayons Presentation:   Discuss how value is used to show space and … [Read more...]


LESSON PRESENTATION INSTRUCTIONSVALUEPOINTILLISMLesson Objectives: Students will learn how the use of color in different values creates depth and light while creating their own painting in the style of Seurat.Time Required:      1 hour Artist: Georges Seurat: Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grand JatteMaterials:8”x10” canvas board, or poster boardRemovable tapeAcrylic paintsPaper plate for … [Read more...]


LESSON PRESENTATION INSTRUCTIONSVALUE BLOWN INK TREES Lesson Objectives: Students will create a landscape with blown ink trees using different values.Time Required: 1 hourArtist:  John James Audubon, Black-tailed HareSource: The Usborne Complete Book of Art Ideas, pgs 152-153Materials:Watercolor paper 9x12Black drawing inkPaintbrushesCups for waterPaper towelsStraws cut in … [Read more...]


LESSON PRESENTATION INSTRUCTIONSVALUE DELFT WINDMILL PAINTINGS Lesson Objectives:  Students will learn value while painting windmills in the tradition of Delftware ceramic tiles from the Netherlands.Time Required: 1 hourArtist: Delft Pottery Source: Art Projects from Around the World, Grades 1-3, pages 33-34 Website: http://www.delftpottery.com/Materials:8x8 inch white construction paper9x9 inch … [Read more...]