LESSON PATTERN INSTRUCTIONSFORMCLAY BIRDHOUSES Lesson Objectives: Teach students how to create birdhouses out of clay, using add-on and texture techniques, and adding on a base and a roof/cover.Time Required: Two separate lessons, at least 60 minutes each.  Creation of the birdhouse takes about an hour.  Glazing is the second lesson.Artist: Pablo Picasso, Baboon and Young Materials (Day 1):Clay, … [Read more...]


LESSON INSTRUCTIONSFORM  CLAY LADYBUGS Lesson Objectives: Students will practice clay hand building by forming pinch pots and will learn how to effectively join clay piecesTime Required: 2 sessionsMaterials (Day 1):ClayClay toolsDishes of waterMaterials (Day 2):Glazes PaintbrushesProcedure, Session 1:Students begin with a piece of clay big enough to make a 2” wide ball. They are to make it into a … [Read more...]


LESSON PRESENTATION INSTRUCTIONSFORM COIL POTS WITH DOTS Lesson Objectives: Students create a pot or vessel using clay coils. Students gain more confidence and skill with the properties of clay, while developing an awareness of structural stability.Artist: Africa, Nigeria, Bangboye of Odo Owa, Guggenheim Museum, Frank Lloyd Wright (available online) Time Required:      Two sessions, 1 hour … [Read more...]


LESSON PRESENTATION INSTRUCTIONSFORMCOIL BASKETSLesson Objectives: Students create a basket using coils. Students learn how to use coils to create a stable structure.Artist: Africa, Nigeria, Bangboye of Odo Owa, Guggenheim Museum, Frank Lloyd Wright (available online) Time Required:      Two sessionsMaterials (Day 1):                                          Clay … [Read more...]


LESSON PRESENTATION INSTRUCTIONSFORM HUNDERTWASSER PLAQUE Lesson Objectives: Students will create a clay plaque inspired by Hundertwasser. Slab, coil, and scoring techniques will be used. Time Required:  2 sessions, 1 hour eachArtist: Hundertwasser, It Hurts to Wait With Love if Love Is Somewhere Else, 1971, Singing Steamers in Ultramarine III, 1959, The Rain Falls Far From Us Falls the Rain, 1970 … [Read more...]


LESSON PRESENTATION INSTRUCTIONSFORMPAPER MASKSLesson Objectives: Students will utilize a variety of elements and principles of design to create a 3-dimensional paper mask. They will become aware of  the history and meanings of masks in various cultures.Artist: Africa, Kifewebe Face MaskTime Required:      1 hourMaterials:12”x18” Colored tag board for basic formVariety of colored 9”x12” … [Read more...]