LESSON PRESENTATION INSTRUCTIONSTEXTURE AND FORM CLAY SLAB VASELesson Objectives: Students learn how to create texture on a slab, then make a vase from the slab.Time Required: 2 sessions, 60 minutes eachArtist: Edgar Degas, The Little Dancer of 14 Years, after 1922 (available online) Materials (Day 1):Clay slab for each studentTools to create textureMaterials (Day 2):GlazePaintbrushesDixie … [Read more...]


 LESSON PATTERN INSTRUCTIONSTEXTUREKOI POND Lesson Objectives:  To teach students how texture is used in art. Time Required:  1 hourArtist:  Claude Monet, Water Lilies, 1916 (available online)Source: sheets of watercolor paper per childLarge Green sheet of paperWatercolor paints (blue, turquoise, green, purple for water; orange, yellow, … [Read more...]


LESSON PRESENTATION INSTRUCTIONSTEXTURECRAZY CACTUSLesson Objectives: Students will learn texture, as well as line, shape,  and color.Time Required: 1½ hours or 2 daysArtist:  Georgia O’Keeffe, Yellow CactusSource:  Dynamic Art Projects for Children, pages 7-9Materials:White construction paper 12x18Cut up colored triangles (check Paper Pieces bin in EA room)Pencils and erasersTempera paint (To … [Read more...]


LESSON PRESENTATION INSTRUCTIONSTEXTUREREPOUSSE SNAKESLesson Objectives: Students will learn texture and the repousse technique.Time Required: 1 hourArtist: Metropolitan Museum of Art (available online):   Source: Dynamic Art Projects for Children, pages 55-58Materials:Pre-cut Foam Board in the shape of snakes (Templates in the Templates and Stencils bin in the EA room)Foam Board cut into shapes … [Read more...]