LESSON PRESENTATION INSTRUCTIONSVALUE WATERLILY POND Lesson Objectives: Students will make a soft watercolor painting like Monet while learning the masking technique.  Students will learn how to create value using watercolor pencils. Time Required: 1 hourArtist:  Claude Monet, The Water Lily PondMaterials:Watercolor paper taped to cardboardSmall paintbrushesWatercolor pencilsRubber cementOld-cheap … [Read more...]


LESSON PRESENTATION INSTRUCTIONSVALUEICE CREAM CONESLesson Objectives: Students will learn how to use value to create shading to indicate a light source.Time Required: 1 hourArtist: Wayne Thiebaud, Cake Window, French PastriesMaterials:Black Construction paper 8” wide and 22 “ longOil pastelsCardboard cut in half to reveal the corrugated center (optional)Elmer’s glue (optional)Presentation:Discuss … [Read more...]


LESSON PRESENTATION INSTRUCTIONSVALUEBIRCH TREES Lesson Objectives: Watercolor paints are used to create a day or night sky that shows different values. Students demonstrate an understanding of color families and how a hue can be altered by creating many different values.Time Required: 1 hour Artist: Lee N. Smith III,  Dance for the Hunt, Andrew Dasburg, Chantet LaneMaterials:Watercolor … [Read more...]