LESSON PRESENTATION INSTRUCTIONSLINE LINE ROBOTSLesson Objectives: Students will learn to draw a robot using different types of lines.Time Required: 1 hourArtist:  Wassily Kandinsky, Throughgoing Line (available online)Source: Deep Space SparkleWebsite: x 18 white construction paperThin and Thick Black … [Read more...]


LESSON PRESENTATION INSTRUCTIONSLINE DEERLesson Objectives: Students will learn how to draw a deer step by step using the shape technique.Time Required:  1 hourArtist:  Marc Franz Deer in the Forest            Japanese Kyoto School,  Deer, Pine and Bat Materials:Sketch paper and exercise paperPencils and erasersPresentation:Discuss the artist and also the print. Show different deer on the overhead … [Read more...]


LESSON PRESENTATION INSTRUCTIONSLINEWINTER TREESLesson Objectives:  Students will focus on the details of line while practicing the different properties of chalk pastels. Students will create a realistic picture of a tree using mixed media.Time Required: 1 hourArtist: Grandma Moses, Pull Boys, A Wish to be a Christmas Tree, by Colleen Monroe (book)Materials:9”x 12” Light blue construction … [Read more...]