LESSON PRESENTATION INSTRUCTIONSTEXTURE FISH/BIRD PLAQUELesson Objectives: Students will create a textured plaque in the shape of a fish or bird.Students will have an opportunity to practice several clay techniques and use various tools to create texture on their form. Time Required:      Two sessionsArtist:  Metropolitan Museum of Art, Ceramic Staff with Profile Figure, 6-11th century, Ecuador … [Read more...]


LESSON PRESENTATION INSTRUCTIONSFORMUP, UP, AND AWAY Lesson Objectives: The kids will be making a hot air balloon while learning about form, pattern and color.Time Required:    2 sessionsArtist:  Louise Nevelson, Case with 5 Balusters Website:      for Day 1:Paper Mache … [Read more...]


LESSON PRESENTATION INSTRUCTIONSFORMPENGUINS Lesson Objectives: Students will learn about form while hand sculpting a penguin.Time Required:      Two sessions, 1 hour each Artist: Auguste Rodin, The ThinkerMaterials (Day 1):                                                ClayBrown paper bag or cardboard placemats            Small cups or lids of water                                   Clay … [Read more...]